Atlantis in context

In the past two posts I've introduced you to the project, how I was involved and how the map was created.

Today I just wanted to share the map along with the second page I prepared for the project that gave context to the map. To show you the finished product as it were. The second page supports the map with, among other things, summaries of the conversations Plato recorded.

I intended for the text page to both introduce people to the topic if they hadn't heard much of it before now. But what I really wanted this page to help with, is to share what I came to realise as I worked on this project. That in trying to find Atlantis we might uncover any number of secrets our oceans have hidden.

We may yet discover a civilization that ticks all the boxes, until then we should not discount the process. A process of marine/maritime archaeology, exploration, analysis, delving into culture, antiquity and interpretations of some of our oldest records...

Please visit my first two posts to learn more about this Guerilla Cartography project
Locating... Atlantis (intro to the project and map)
Creating Atlantis (how I used opensource apps to create the map)

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