Georeferencing Middle Earth

So here is my official first attempt to georeference a middle earth map.

the middle earth map is from here:
this is one of the best versions of the map I've found apart from old school types created by Daniel Reeve for Weta Workshops release of LOTR

The main info I used was from the tolkien quote from here

backed up from monks comment on this blog post"
(monk , I think, is a key player in this wee project)

I used QGIS to put this together, the middle earth map is a tiff, (white is transparent in the map below)

Hobbiton is mapped to Sarehole, Birmingham, Minas Tirith is mapped to Florence. This places the mouth of the Anduin around about the latitude of where Troy was (western coast of Turkey).

Although the georeferencing was done in WGS84 lat long values, the final map looked best for me using the ETRS89/Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area 2001 projection, this makes Europe look better, and is a fairly accepted projection for the wider Europe coverage. (I think!) (Page 10)

Anyways, my next task will be to slowly digitise some of the features, I did attempt to convert the vector from the pdf, but had trouble with not all features converting to the dxf therefore being absent when I converted to a non referenced shapefile, so I quickly got impatient, and given my love of digislaving and data management thought I'd tough it out this way for starters (NOTE, I started this years ago, and I've just revived the files, and had another hunt for resources. Also, a little more experience in GIS was also a bonus!)

Let me know what you think!



  1. Interesting work. I wonder if it would make sense to attempt some sort of raster based off of points randomly scattered in vector overlays? Maybe I am complicating this more than it needs to be.

    1. Hi Joe :) thanks! it was totally interesting, so easy to get drawn in to the whole idea. I've since started create the contents in vector format, and created scalable image files for the symbols. Its looking pretty good now, but just not sure how far I can push it given its not my map originally (mearthmap) or originally-originally (Tolkein) .. I should start working on a follow up post tho huh!

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